Hello, world!

Hello there!

I love a good drink too! 👻🍷

It’s Han! You may or may not know me from Hanny’s Random Ramblings, a now defunct cosmetics blog from yonks ago (it was the one with the Tengwar header), but no matter who you are, dear reader, welcome to my blog!

Let me briefly introduce myself. I am a Masters student studying Communications in Australia, the older sister to an annoying younger brother, daughter to two of the most patient parents one could ever have, and more than anything, a dreamer who believes that someday, she will make something of herself. Also, girlfriend to the silliest, most warmhearted boy one can ever meet (we shall dub such a soul Da Boy henceforth).

I have tinkered with my previous blog for quite a number of years, and I had amassed quite a large amount of products as well as knowledge. What stopped me from continuing with my writing was the fact that I had been working as a writer for about 1.5 years, and in that time I had no desire to write “for free”, so to speak. Also, maintaining a product-based blog when one was underpaid was no longer a viable option.

What do I intend for this blog to be?

I think of it as a simple repository. I do intend to be beauty-based, but rather than product reviews and tutorials that are a dime a dozen, I would like to talk about tricks that I have learned, or comment about the beauty community. I would to do more than just recreate what others have done, but rather share my thoughts on what the “industry” or the “community” already is. Of course, this blog will also be a repository of my thoughts in every aspect of my life.

Now, let me see, how can I tell you more about myself?

I live in Melbourne, in my university’s hostels (for the time being), surrounded by wonderful friends and my lovely family (my maternal second aunt, henceforth to be known as Er Ee migrated here yonks ago). Da Boy is currently living in Sydney, where he’s born and raised, but that’s a story for another day.

One thing of note is that I am a massive nerd. I excel in nerd-dom in many areas: social studies, anime, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney and the X-men film universe are some of my favorites. Of course, in some way, I am also a beauty nerd, if one can be called so. I wrote fanfiction, devoured text after text and watched every movie imaginable. I lived in fandom and currently breathe fandom. Do not challenge or expect me to uphold how much I love each and every one of my fandoms. It will not be pretty on your end.

A skill that I have started to pick up is cooking! I’ve never cooked when I was at home in Malaysia.


At best, I can only cook meals that are fit for a broke student, but I expect that as time passes, I can be better.

That is all for today, I think, until next time!



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