My Go-to Look

Since this blog is going to have a focus on beauty-related issues, I think that it would be appropriate to first talk about how I do my “everyday” face. I think I will just go through the entire routine first and then follow up with posts on how I do each segment in the future.

Once upon a time, I would go in with a full, full face. Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, contour, highlight, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick… the whole shebang. Now, I just go as I please. Heck, when I am with Da Boy, I wear even less because he’s of the “How am I gonna kiss you if you’re wearing all that… stuff” persuasion.

Let’s start with a clean face!

Forgive the messy bed behind me, heh heh heh.

Here is my bare face, devoid of anything but moisturizer. My skin is very porous, and is slightly combination, depending on the location – when I am at home in Malaysia, I’m combination oily and when I’m in Melbourne, I am normal-dry. I also have some sort of dark pigmentation beneath my eyes, which plagues my everyday life.


The first thing that I usually do when I put on my makeup is usually my eyes. I cannot live without eyeliner and eyebrows.

I have tried almost every format of eyeliner imaginable: gels, liquids, pencils, creams, you name it, I did it. However, one thing remains the same, I do enjoy a little kitten flick. I love that it elongates the eyes (because my eyeballs are short and round), but not so much that my eyes become whole almonds.

As you could see in the topmost picture, my eyebrows are thick but sparse. The area of my eyebrow is large, you see, but there are hardly any eyebrow hairs in the space of my eyebrow, ya get me? Thankfully, I am blessed with somewhat of a prominent arch, which makes filling in my eyebrows easier than what people struggle with.

You might have noticed that I did not wear mascara. I used to love wearing it, but I realized that when you are wearing black eyeliner, you can’t really see the black mascara. Since I am too lazy to deal with falsies, I have been walking around with bare lashes and the experience has been wonderful. More about this in a future post.

Here is mah ‘uge face, yay!

My face makeup is rather simple. I mixed a silicone-based primer, sunscreen (the Australian sun is unforgivable) and half a pump to one pump of liquid foundation as my “base”. I am not very fussed about the coverage of my base, because I don’t have much discoloration on my face – my main concern is texture and only skincare can combat that.

However, I do take a bit of effort in brightening the area underneath my eyes. What I do is to apply a tiny bit of concealer where the darkness is and spread it out with a flat kabuki brush. After which, I will set with some pressed powder (emphasis on the under-eye area and then I will set the rest of my face without any additional powder on the brush), and add highlighter.

Yes, I highlight all the way from the tops of my cheekbones, right to where my eyes meet my nose. I do it because I wear glasses and sometimes, the pigmentation of the dark circles will become a touch more prominent.

I will also apply a tiny bit of blush to make myself look awake. 33161175416_7eebe5eea3_k_d

As for the lips, I usually gravitate towards something that is very loud. I almost always never do muted lips. Even if I am having a neutral day, it would be either ashy or vampy, too! But 50% of the time, I would be sporting some form of fuchsia or red like today, which is some sort of fuchsia-red… wait it’s called a strawberry red.

There, all done for the day!

How do you do your everyday makeup? Do tell me in the comments section below!


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