Of Mascara and Falsies

Remember in my previous post where I told you that I don’t really wear mascara these days? Most of it is due to the fact that my lashes, although somewhat curly, are short as heck, so if I apply eyeliner, you won’t be able to see my lashes, no matter how great the mascara’s formula is.

To remind you of the sad reality of my lashes post eyeliner, here is a picture from the previous post:

See, you can’t see my lashes at all!

I think I have struggled with this condition for a few years, fighting it by just piling layer after layer of mascara on my lashes.

Without further ado, let me show you what my eye looks like with a full application of mascara, with the other eye completely bare.

Mascara on my right eye (your left) and none of my left eye (your right)

As you can see, I don’t actually need help making my lashes curl. I just want them to have more length and volume, but there is only so much that your lashes can take without clumping together.

Mascara on my right eye and falsies on my left. (My eyebrows look weird because one is naturally lower than the other)

Fast forward a little over 5 minutes later, here is a comparison between mascara and falsies. I also took the time to fill in my brows so it wouldn’t look as weird.

I prefer the eye with the falsies as it looked neater and not as clumpy. It also looks cleaner too! Another bonus would be that it is easier to take falsies off, compared to say… waterproof mascara.

Some people even advise applying mascara and falsies, but that would be overkill for me. The purpose of such a technique would be so that your lashes and the falsies would blend together easier, but I much prefer curling your lashes first before applying falsies.

Both sides with falsies

As you can see, the side with mascara and falsies on is clumpier than the one without mascara. Of course, if you wanted a more natural look, do opt for falsies that are wispier and fluffier. Mine are from Daiso, so no complaints here.

I hope this post illuminates why I prefer wearing falsies over mascara! However, I must note that on normal days, I wear neither, hehehehe!

Until the next post!


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