Get Them Brows on Fleek!

I am sure that all of you have heard of the cliché, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Well, I think most of you would have had access to Youtube and Instagram that more or less prattle upon the importance of perfectly manicured eyebrows, because the eyebrows frame not only your eyes, but your face as well.

Well, I can tell you that having neat, groomed brows is important. However, not everyone has the ability to keep them immaculate, barring any micro-blading or tattooing, on a daily basis. I once had my eyebrows threaded every two weeks, which was a very affordable endeavor in Malaysia (Each session was about RM 10, equivalent to less than AUD3). Maybe one day, I can afford to have my eyebrows microbladed!

Here are my naked brows again!

As you can see, my eyebrows have sharp arches and they luckily fall into place where they usually need to.

A quick search around the Web would give you precisely the steps to arrive at the “perfect” brow shape, but for the sake of convinience, I have devised a simple enough diagram for you.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.28.26 pm
Look, Ma! I can draw straight lines with Photoshop! (Da Boy pointed out that I had a pimple on this eyebrow, woot woot!)

Assume that the point where all three lines meet is where my nostril is, the three lines denote where:

  1. The “head” of your eyebrow should begin. This is directly above your nostril, at the level of your eyebrow. If you do not have any eyebrow hairs there, you start filling your eyebrows from here. If your eyebrow hairs grow over this line, pluck all the hairs in front of this line.
  2. Your eyebrow arch should be. This line is the straight line that is extended from your nostril, touching the roundest curve of your pupil and the highest point of your eyebrow. This means that your eyebrow should begin to turn downwards after this point.
  3. The “tail” of your eyebrow should end. This line goes from your nostril, to the corner of your eye, ending where the line touches the lowest line of your eyebrow. Remove any hair behind this line.

Some people would recommend brushing your brow hairs up before trimming them, but my eyebrow hairs are short, so brushing them up makes no difference for me.

If you look into my eye enough, you can see my camera!

This is how I like to start filling in my eyebrows, by starting on the arch and the tail. This is where I put the most product on, because you want the ends of your eyebrows to be the darkest.


If you like your eyebrows to look more “framey”like I do, you can also deposit the same amount of color you did the arch and the tail on the lower lines of your eyebrow.


Lastly, fill in the rest of your eyebrows with the remaining product on your brush or brow pencil. How you would do this depends on you.

If you want it to look more realistic, I would suggest using short upward flicks at the “head” of the brow, moving to short, diagonal flicks (\\ for the left eye and // for the right eye, you geddit?) as you get closer to the arch. I cannot use this method because I have practically zero hairs on tthe “head” of my eyebrow, sadly.


As you can see, the difference between a filled-in brow and one that hasn’t been filled in is stark. The filled-in brow has more weight and thus, gives the upper part of your face a little bit more structure.


I will never go out without having my brows drawn, in all seriousness. Even if I am going bare-faced my brows will still be on, because it gives look that makes you look not only more awake, but also attentive as well.

So, there you have it, my eyebrow tutorial! You can find tons of other ones on Youtube, but this is how I do it. Do tell me if you want me to show you which products I use in the comments section below!


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