Strangely-colored Lipsticks!

There are a few things cannot live without:

  1. Maggi Assam Laksa Instant Noodles (if you don’t know what they are, you better go find some now!)
  2. Agar-agar (Ask Da Boy, he KNOWS)
  3. Malaysian Milo (because them Aussies put too much milk in theirs, it’s crazy!)
  4. Eyeliner + some form of eyebrow product

The last and most important thing is of course, LIPSTICK!

Over the years of dabbling in cosmetics, I have amassed quite an impressive collection of lipsticks that encompass every hue. I used to dabble in sheer pinks and reds, which moved to fiery reds and fuchsias. I never ever wore nudes, but now I do.

However, I would like to talk to you dear readers about some of my lipsticks that aren’t very “traditional”. Yes, there are loud lipsticks that make statements here and there, but these lipsticks are the main event of the day whenever I wear them.

What we have on the menu today are my dark vampy lipsticks and the one rare ashy nude. Yes, these colors have been the trend recently, and they do not seem to be going away, no matter the season. Coming from a tropical country with no defined seasons and living in a city where it’s rumored to have four seasons in a day, I never “got” why we needed to wear certain colors according to season.

Anyhoo, let’s get on with the show!


This is the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Liquid, which I am not quite familiar with. I was on the verge of leaving home for Melbourne when these launched last year (100 colors, can you imagine?) and only took a good look at these when I was already in the Land Down Under. What I did know was they were not too expensive at RM70 per pop, so I balked when I saw that they were AUD28 (which is about RM100) here.

Anyways, I received this as a birthday gift from my bestie, Ah Miaw as an advanced birthday present when I went home over the summer, and I absolutely love it!

Don’t let the dark color fool you. It is sheer (as per the formula), and has the loveliest coca-cola color on your lips, which is a reddish brown that is not only dark, yet translucent. It is the color that you really have to see to believe.

Believe it!

I remember a time when Clinique’s Black Honey was all the rage (made popular by Liv Tyler in her Arwen-era, because that was what the makeup artist used on her!), and this reminds me very much of it, color-wise.

What I do love about it is its texture. It is very balm-like. It is heavy, but not greasy and was quite moisturizing on the lips. I love to wear this when I’m around my parents or Da Boy (because the parents are not used to seeing me in loud colors and Da Boy does not like lipstick just because how it feels on him). This lipstick strangely does not transfer after about 20 minutes, which is a God-send for me during these times.

Verdict: 4/5

32556290493_f35a79adfb_k_dChocolatey, creamy and smooth are the words I would describe the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Covet. It is a slightly orange-y deep brown. I bought this online when I came to Melbourne off a website. It was my first truly dark lipstick, because the craze for dark as night lipstick had just kicked in me at the time.


The formula has quite a bit of slip, so it applies like a dream. As with all liquid lipsticks you really need a smooth and steady hand when applying, but when you stop smiling, you won’t actually see all the little crevices and line irregularities.

This wears for about 4-5 hours for me. I am a famed lipstick eater and my lipsticks just disappear, even quicker if I eat or drink, so I am not so plussed about wear times.

The color might even look unsavory (take a closer look to see what I mean), but LOOK HOW WHITE MY TEETH LOOK.

Verdict: 3.5/5 (for the need of a precise application)


Next up, is Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Invasion. It might look like a pretty pink in the photos, but it is actually a beige-pink-lavender-grey, from what I can see.


Although this might make me look like a corpse in this close-up, but I do enjoy it, because of the color. It is a very eh…. Kylie Jenner, for lack of a better word (what a time to live in, folks!).

What I do not like about this, is how drying it is. You can literally feel the skin on your lips CLINGING onto the lipstick after it sets. To combat this, you might need to use a moisturizing lipbalm underneath.

To make the color look less “dead”, I sometimes like to add a little bit of red to the color, especially if the formula is more moisturizing. What you get is a more rosy, but still nude color (you’ve seen the combination in this post!)

Verdict: 3.2/5 (too drying, a little too ashy, but manageable)

This lippie REFUSED TO LIE DOWN so I had to leave it standing. 

Meet NYX’s High Voltage lipstick in 09 Dahlia. It is as close to a black that I will ever go (unless I change my mind in the future), but does not stop me from wearing it whenever I can!


On my lips, NYX High Voltage Dahlia is a deep, dark, reddened purple. If you were to wear this in the sheerest way possible (like dabbing it onto your lips with a finger), it would be a lovely berry. However, I love the full brunt of it, as it gives a very goth-y vibe. Also, because it has hints of red to it, you will notice that it somehow fades into a wine-red at the edges.

If you are so inclined as to make it darker, my advice would be to apply a few more coats of the stuff. If you want it to be darker still, then apply some black eyeshadow on top, then top it with one more layer of Dahlia!

The camera wouldn’t focus on the bullet on the previous photo, so here is another one to compensate! 

Wearing it is as comfortable as it gets. NYX lipsticks hardly ever disappoint me, and I have a butt-load of them (which you shall see in the coming days)! It does have some slip to it, so it doesn’t wear for very long, but who cares? With a color like this, one would look quite badass reapplying this, no?

Sidenote: The High Voltage formula seemed to have been renamed to Turnt Up, which might be the reason why I snapped Dahlia and a few of her sisters at AUD5 per piece.

Verdict: 4/5

What non-traditional lipsticks do you like? Do tell me in the comments section below!



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