Line Those Peepers!

This post is for my friend Jin. Maybe one day you will make some sense of this post and start on your journey towards makeup and cosmetics nirvana!

Ah, if only the world ran on eyeliner and bright smiles. Sadly, that is not the case, but it does not reduce my love towards eyeliner. The way you approach eyeliner should not be fraught with danger, but more of a journey towards discovery.

When you start out lining your eyes, you might have an image in your head of what you actually want, i.e: to look like a celebrity, or a better version of yourself.

This post will teach you how to grapple with eyeliner pencils and gels, as well as some eyeliner shapes that you will need to know as a beginner!

For me, the best bet would to follow your eye shape if you’re just starting out. I prefer an eyeliner pencil for beginners, and you’ll see why in the picture below.


You will need a long-wearing pencil with somewhat of a point, which will make the job of following the natural lines of your eyes easier. Try to get waterproof eyeliners, because the color will stick to your eyes much easier.


Pencil eyeliners that are waterproof are best used for lining the waterlines – that is the fleshy inner parts of your eyelids. In this picture, I used the eyeliner pencil to follow my upper waterline. My lashes now look darker, although they still remain to be short.


The eyeliner is only an extension of the lined upper waterline like in the photo above. I followed the upper lashline and lower waterline until they met in the outer corner of the eye. If you do want a pronounced flick, follow the line from the outer corner of your eye to where the tail of your eyebrow ends. This shape will then elongate your eyes, making it shaped more like an almond.


This is the gel eyeliner that I currently use. I have used gel eyeliners since 2009 and I have sampled everything from the drugstore to the high street. I quite enjoy this, but I will tell you more about it only if you want me to.


In this photo, I have actually extended the natural line on my upper lashline. This means that I have naturally slightly droopy eyes, because the line falls below the outer corner of my eyes. Following this natural line will enable you to achieve a rounder eye shape, enhancing and augmenting your natural features.

Of course, you don’t have to merely be stuck with black eyeliner. If you prefer a softer look, use brown, and if you want more pop, use a colored one! If you are cheap like me, layer some colorful eyeshadows over your eyeliner to make the color stand out more and mask the fact that it isn’t a colored eyeliner!

Until next time, see ya!



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