How I Spent my Birthday Weekend (Photo Heavy!)

The past week was CRAZY for me, which was why I was pretty absent. At the start of the week, I was rushing to complete my assignment, and at the end of the week, huhuhu, I shot off to Sydney to spend the weekend with Da Boy. I only returned on Tuesday, just 24 hours shy of my first class of the week.

If you want to know how I spent my week, then follow the jump below!

My assignment was completed over five hours in a packed library, and on the last day before my flight to Sydney, I decided to meet with an old pal, AndrewSH and his old pal, IvyY.

We were a bunch of (greater) Subang Jaya kids in Melbourne, hehehehe!

Lunch was a wonderful affair by the Yarra river, at Arbory Bar. Very honestly, ever since my cousins brought me here, I have fallen in love with their burgers and use them as a standard for any burger I might eat here in Aussieland.

OMG such a flatlay fail. 

IvyY had the portobello mushroom burger (upper left), while I had the Southern Fried Chicken burger (lower left) and AndrewSH had the Double Cheeseburger (right). Also, with 16 March being the bar’s second anniversary, our drinks were on the house! The wines were a little bit too dry for our tastes, but AndrewSH said their summer ale was quite good! However, the burgers were to die for. Whatever burger you order, the meat will be juicy and tender, while the buns are just moist enough.

Ah, to have a glass of wine by the river… 

(Arbory Bar is famous for their tap wines, so if you would like experience having wine in a more relaxed manner, you should mosey over there NOW!)

We took a tram down to the South Wharf Direct Factory Outlet, where IvyY wanted to find some shoes for her partner. But lo and behold, I found a pair for Da Boy!

These only cost AUD20!

Ever on the hunt for the best bargains, we came to my favorite shoe store, where I found this pair of Doc Martens for only AUD20. TWENTY DORRAH. THIS CHINESE GIRL IS HAPPEH! I quickly texted Da Boy if he wanted them, and if he wanted them, what shoe size he was. Thankfully, his size was in stock and POOF I flew off to Sydney with dem shoes in tow.

My view from the plane

Aussieland is such a huge place that everywhere you fly, you see only land! For someone who came from West Malaysia, a tiny piece of land shaped like a sweet potato, surrounded by seas in every direction except north, this was a completely jarring view for me. Growing up, whenever one flew, one could only expect to see a vast ocean and not a vast landmass.

Also, as a little tidbit, I had the whole row to myself!

Come Friday evening, I landed in Sydney safely and finally met Da Boy! Now, let me tell you this. I have been UTTERLY SPOILED. Usually Da Boy and I do not meet each other for months on end. But in the past summer holiday, he went back to Malaysia with me for 6 weeks (which was just as much time we spent physically next to each other in the first year of our relationship) and it was only 3.5 weeks since our last parting that I got to see him again, weee!

OMG this is the best thing ever if you’re ever feeling under the weather

Da Boy brought me to this amazing Pho (Vietnamese rice noodle) place, where I chowed down almost the entire bowl. After that, we went back to his house, which was kinda something like my third home here in Aussieland hehehehe (the first being my hostel room and the second being Er Ee Daforcena’s house).

Introducing: DA BOY! AKA Chan Jin Pang 2.0, if you watch TVB dramas. NO JOKE. 

Saturday 18 March was a big day for us, because Da Boy was having his (belated) birthday party/shindig/drinks with friends thing. In all honesty, I was very proud of him, mainly because he was able to handle a party of 18 or so friends, being smooshed into a small corner of quite a small bar, and yet everyone had fun! It was lovely meeting all of his friends too. If you did attend the party and you did see me, I apologize if you thought that I was overly quiet. I just had too much fun listening to all of you talk and learning more about you!

I wish I could show you guys more photos of the night, but the bar was too dark and thus everything turned out blurry and grainy.

33191868120_ce29fb7c99_b_dWe had a quiet day on Sunday. We mostly hung out with Da Boy’s friends where they had shisha and talked over the comings and goings in our lives. Seriously, I might want to start a shisha business here. One round of shisha where Da Boy lived was AUD35. One round of shisha where I live is AUD3.5, maybe even less than that. Seriously, how can one justify such a price, even with rent taken into account? Da Boy, if you are reading this, WE NEED TO START A SHISHA BUSINESS.


We also ventured into a nearby neighborhood for Afghani food. I’ve never tried that before, but it was BEAUTIFUL. Five of us was literally doused in a frenzy of meat, bread, rice and vegetables, when we got home, we were so full that we couldn’t move an inch.

Come Monday, 20 March, I met with my friends from undergrad, who have all landed in Sydney to continue their studies.

Yes, I know I looked a little awkward in the crop top and pants configuration, but hey, what is life without any risk, eh?

Behold, the gorgeous PamPam and KatAnn! Once upon a time, we were all arts students in our alma mater, so bright-eyed and cheerful and now, well we are still arts students (with the exception of KatAnn, she’s in business now), but with a bit of edge and age.


We bonded over the love of all girls from the Klang Valley – coffee and desserts! The matcha tart was exquisite and of course, it was wonderful catching up with the girls, so far away from home. I guess this is where I’m truly lucky. I have wonderful friends in Melbourne, both new and old, and even in Sydney, where I usually am every few months or so, I do have friends that I call my own. Thus, Aussieland isn’t that all strange to me, because a part of home is here as well!

Sadly, our little tea/brunch meet-up had to end, because the girls had uni stuff to do and I decided to roam the city by myself. I was thinking to myself if I should hit the shopping malls to see if I could find anything that might suit me as a little birthday gift to myself before going back to Da Boy’s house to wait for him, buuuut… my train of thought was interrupted by someone calling my name.


Lo and behold, little did I realize that I ran into Da Boy’s family. His mum (let’s call her MamaC) was bringing his aunty and cousins around the city and they saw me just before they crossed the road, teehee!

MamaC found me, yay!

Thank God they found me, because I really thought that I would be spending the afternoon alone!

32760624363_812ea3ad9c_k_d.jpgIn the end, I spent the entire afternoon walking and shopping with MamaC and her family, woohoo! It was a wonderful time spent with them, getting to know everyone. I would not bore you about the details though, but do trust me when I say that I am utterly relieved to have Da Boy’s family being so open and friendly with me, particularly when I, a literal outsider, intrude upon their hospitality and their family time. I call MamaC “Aunty” due to Asian conventions (Da Boy calls my mum Aunty too!) but I really do see her as one of my own aunties, if you know what I mean.

We reached home about the same time as Da Boy did, and he whisked me away to hang out with his friends again.

Both of us were utterly frazzled by the time we got to where we were meeting his friends

I had an early flight back to Melbourne the next day, so the night was not too long. Da Boy told his friends that it would be my birthday too and they wished me happy birthday. To be honest, I actually did not think much about my birthday this year. Usually I would celebrate my birthday three times with like two different gangs of friends and my family, but this year, I was quite content spending the weekend with Da Boy. Besides, we’ve already had our birthday cakes at home just before we left for Aussieland (we added our birthdays to my brother’s birthday do hehehehee!)

That’s Lil Bro Daforcena on the right.


I am especially grateful that I got to be around Da Boy this year. He was quite antsy because we weren’t doing anything much except laze at home and going about only when we needed to, but I told him that I did not mind how I spent my time with him, as long as I was spending it with him, which was a luxury that I would gladly partake in, whenever I can. 


Back to the story.


Back in Melbourne, AndrewSH bought me some birthday brunch! Yay! After dawdling at his bachelor pad for the afternoon, I went my merry way back to my hostel and fell asleep.

Typical Han. Tsk tsk.

Well, I do hope I entertained you with the longest excuse post on why I was absent from the blog this past week! Don’t worry, I have a few new ideas in my head and when I do execute them, you will be the first to know. Ta ta!



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