Tutorial: Edgy Cut Crease

I think that it’s time for a tutorial! I stopped my previous blog because I felt that there are only so many ways to apply eyeshadow. Seriously, how hard can it be, no? You just need to slap some color on the eyelid and swirl some color into the crease, blend the two together, put on some eyeliner and/or mascara and/or falsies and you’re done!

Nevertheless, I was hit by a wave of inspiration (as well as insomnia) and I decided to do something that I’ve not done in a long time. Thus, I have for you a bluish cut crease with a double wing eyeliner. Yes, you heard me. Double.

Let us start, shall we?


Draw a line to “cut” the crease. You can draw this line where your natural crease is, or you can draw it where you want your crease to be.


Blend the black eyeliner out with a dark navy blue. It doesn’t have to be neat at this point, because of the eyeshadows that you will blend below and above this line.


Fill the space on the eyelid with the sparkliest, chunkiest rose-colored that you could find. Make sure that you do not go over the line of the cut crease, while neatening-up the lower edge. Layer on the color if you need to.


Blend the outer line of the cut crease with a medium brown eyeshadow. If you need to, go right into your eye socket. I’m not asking you to stab your eyeball out, but if you applied slight pressure at the highest point of your eyeball, you can get into your natural crease and begin swirling the color in circular motions throughout the upper edge.

If needed, blend that brown with a slightly lighter color.


Now comes the fun part. Remember how I taught you to do a cat-flick? All you have to do is to add another flick parallel to the first cat flick, extending from the lower lashline.

Then, using the eyeliner you used to cut your crease, line the lower lashline and blend the color out using the same dark navy color. If you want your look to be smokier, you can bring the color down lower, or stop it at slightly below the lower lashline, like I did.


No “edgy” look will be complete without false lashes. So, stick on your favorite pair and fill in your brows however you want to!


To create the lip color, I paired a peachy-orange lipstick and an ashy beige. I chose this color because I wanted something that is quite nude, but still almost pinky and peachy to tie with the almost rose-gold color on the lids.


As for the face, I went for a subtle highlight and a rosy blush . I usually like to keep the face a little clean and subtle, especially if I’m going crazy on the eyes.

Did you like this look? Tell me in the comments section below!



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