How to: Make Eyeshadow into Eyeliner

I think the one misconception that people have about cosmetics would be that certain products cannot be used in different applications. Lipsticks as blush? Oh my word! Bronzer as eyeshadow? Are you sure?

Today, I am here to show you how you can make eyeshadow into eyeliner, as well as several ways to do it, along with a small comparison between the methods.

We have all been through that thought – where we see colorful eyeliners and we wonder “Hmmm, will I ever use this color though?” Brands like Urban Decay have beautiful shades in every hue, but when your budget is tight, what do you do?

Surely, everyone has access to at least water and/or contact lens solution (or even eye drops)? Well, you can absolutely use these to make your eyeshadow look deeper and darker. I also want to show you the difference between using a mixing medium from a cosmetics company and the alternatives I will show you.

Alright, let me get on with the show!

Left to right: Only eyeshadow, eyeshadow with contact lens solution and eyeshadow with mixing medium

All by its lonesome, the eyeshadow looks a little “ehhhhh”. HOWEVER, the help of contact lens solution in the center swatch and mixing medium in the right swatch, you can see that it performed heaps better.


This is what the swatches look like after 10 swipes with my index finger. As you can see, the left swatch has almost disappeared, while the sparkles in the center swatch have shifted.

Fourth swatch: Just water

Let us now see how the former three methods would do compared against plain water. From the get-go, the swatch using water was more liquid and it required more layering. Thus, the swatch turned out thicker. It was no less shiny than the swatch with the contact lens solution and the mixing medium, despite needing to be built up.


However, water might not be a good choice as a medium for turning eyeshadow into eyeliner. It might have the same effect as the other two alternatives at first glance, but when swiped with my index finger 10 times, the swatch seemed to be utterly altered. As you can see, the color has totally shifted place, although the sparkles did not.

In this case, I would recommend using contact lens solution in the place of a proper mixing medium from a cosmetics company if you don’t have access to one. If you already have a mixing medium, then use that instead.

[Note: A good mixing medium would be something like Inglot’s Duraline. Mine is from the Italian brand, Kiko, which I bought in Florence. Kiko is something like Inglot in price, but can only be found in Europe, I think.]

I hope you enjoyed this post! This trick is very useful if you like to use different eyeliner colors, especially if you don’t want to buy actual physical eyeliners of different colors!



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