Tutorial: Noir Galaxy

I was in a terrible mood last night, due to certain elements in my life that were all so full of drama – we’ve all been there, of course. In fact I was in such a terrible mood that I told myself, “Eff it, let’s do something dark and edgy for the blog!”. Thus, this look was born!

You don’t need much to recreate this look. All you do need is a few sparkly colors of your choosing over a dark base. Also, if you are a duochrome (colors which have a base color and sparkles from another color) fiend like me, use those. I live for duochromes!


1. Cover the entire mobile eyelid with any dark-colored eyeliner you have. Make sure you get to the lash line if possible.


2. Layer your favorite sparkly eyeshadow over the eyeliner. I chose this color (Poison from the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette) because I loved how complex the color was. It had a dark base, but also had a blue and green shift to it. It’s not very visible on camera, but in real life, it was stunning.


3. Blend a bronze-y olive green over the outer edges of the mobile eyelid and into the crease. If you feel that there is a line of demarcation between the bronze-y olive green and the eyelid color, what you can do is layer a bit of brown into the crease. Always remember to swirl the color in with circular motions!

Also, pull the color you used on the eyelid onto the lower lashline, but remember to leave the waterline bare!


4. LIne the waterline with a flesh-colored eyeliner. If you don’t have one, you can use any creamy product for the eyes that somewhat resembles the color of your skin. In my case, it is the iconic Soft Ochre Paint Pot by MAC. Using colors like this on your waterline will make your eye look bigger, because lighter colors are an “expanding” color (but as you can see I’m not as white as a ghost, so I don’t use white. You can, but it will look quite… off. However, if that’s your aesthetic then by all means!)

Stick on some falsies (be careful not to let the glue get everywhere, because it will be a terrible experience cleaning it off! I know, I’ve tried…) and define your brows as you see fit.


5. Now, for the fun part! Using the same dark eyeliner you used on the eyelid, line the entirety of your lips. Then, layer any metallic eyeshadow you wish on top of it. I chose a darkish purple all over and then layered a metallic ballerina pink in the center of the lip for a more plumpy or ombre effect (choose I, I don’t bother, I did it because I was like OOOOOO what if I mixed them colors?)

I call this the constipated/death glare of DOOM!

6. With eyes and lips as dramatic as this, I think that you should go for minimal color on the face. HOWEVER, minimal color does not mean minimal effect!

I decided to go for a bit of contouring and (wait for it) highlighting that would appease the HIGHLIGHTING GODS.

What happens if you don’t have one of those trendy little highlighters that everyone is raving about now? No problem!

All you need to do is wet your brush slightly (with water, contact lens solution or a mixing medium – but that is content for another post) and watch the highlight intensify! Layer until you reach the luminosity that you desire.

WHEW! This was somewhat of a crazy post, but it was really carthartic to create this and write it all out. Thank you for letting me vent in my crazy little way. Until next time!

(Oh, I don’t know if you have noticed, but I try to put down everything I have used in the tags. I will also put links to the products down whenever I can. I don’t quote the exact products used unless necessary because everyone has a different collection and many of the products that I use have been discontinued, but I can show you what they basically look like so you can have a general idea of what I used.)


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