The Art of Mixing… Your Own Colors!

I received the inspiration for this post because I was at brunch today with an old friend from home, BeauteeBeauty who was in Melbourne for a holiday with her other half. The two of us go way, way back, coming from the same suburb (USJ represent! Seriously though, you can only find suburbs with merely numbers and letters only where I live). We had the same tuition class for Malay during our high school years and went on to be classmates in our A Levels course.

That’s BeauteeBeauty on the right and her BF on the left. Do give her some love! 

Right, back to the context of this post.

BeauteeBeauty and I were talking about cosmetics (duh, naturally) and we ended up concluding that we were both lipstick fiends who have limited budgets to buy lipstick at all. Thus, an idea popped into my head while BeauteeBeauty layered a few lipsticks together:

Why not try mixing different lipstick colors together?

Of course, this is not a new trick at all. Makeup artists have been doing this for yonks! However, when you see some trends come and go, certainly you would have had the itch to just buy that new, trendy color, no?

No? Is it really just me then?

Oh well, nevertheless, I will show you some of the more “trendy” colors these days and how you can achieve them with what you’ve already owned.

Greige + Red = Ashy Rose

Roses (the color, not the flower) have gotten an update recently. They now have a slightly grey tone, making the color similar to that of pressed roses rather than fresh ones.

So, you can achieve this by mixing a greige with some red and you get a rose! If you want the rose to be more ashy, add more greige. Do the opposite if you want the color to be rosier.

Red + Black = Dahlia (or Cherry)

This is the color similar to the MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande I lipstick, one which I like to call “Dahlia” (which is a name that certain brands use for this shade). It is actually very achievable – all you need is some red lipstick (make sure that it’s blue-based) and some black eyeshadow.

All you need to do is to layer some black eyeshadow over a red lip. Pat it in until you have the desired intensity. Of course, you can also use black eyeliner, if you want something with more slip, but eyeshadow is more malleable and easier to remove.

Light pink (any undertone) + Black = Rose-Greige

As we are living in a post-modern world, we must present some form of self aware-ness. Remember how I told you that you could make rose from greige and red? Well, you can make something like a rose-greige from pink and black!

To make it less rose, and more greige, you will need to play with the color a little bit. I would recommend using an actual grey eyeshadow with a lighter pink, or if you have access to some, white lipstick, or even a white eyeliner or cream eyeshadow.

So there you have it, a few trendy colors that you can mix yourself from the colors that you might already have in your collection! Which colors would you like to see next? Tell me in the comments section below!

[Also, I have a brunch picture for you, just to make all of you jealous!]

From left: King Salmon with potato, fennel, leek and egg; Ricotta and blueberry hotcake with seeds; Eggs Benedict

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