My Hair Color Journey

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always wanted to dye my hair. I waited and waited until I left high school to be able to color my hair, but Asian mums being Asian mums, I was not allowed to dye my hair because once I began, I would never stop (which is quite true, actually).

I started dyeing my hair since 2014, and I have not seen my natural hair color ever since, but the choice of color goes way, way back. As a kid, I’ve always wanted Famke Janssen’s fiery red hair, and thus, for my first dye job, I wanted to have red hair as red as my favorite shade of lipstick.

It was MY teenage dream!

Apart from red, I wanted electric purple hair as well.

Miriam Yeung circa early 2010s. 

I don’t know why, but red won out first.

Redheads do have all the fun!

My first hair-dyeing experience was done in a salon near my neighborhood, and it was an expensive affair. Afterwards, I decided to pick up boxed hair dyes from the pharmacy just to patch the color up when my roots show.

This was my favorite red to use!

Whenever I dye my own hair, I like to use two boxes of dye because my hair is very thick (it grows sideways), because I was not used to bleaching my own hair.

I would use this color for many, many months to come.

THEN, I met Da Boy, who had a penchant for purple hair, but he only wanted to dye the tops of his head, thus requiring me to bleach his hair for him. So, I decided to practice on myself!

I decided to give myself a bleach!

It turned out to be a cinch I decided to have a little fun, which involved turning my hair bright pink with some semi-permanent dye, which is not widely found in Malaysia at all.

Oh yes, I loved it. The shade is actually pink, but it appears as red under bright sunlight. 

However, to be honest, Da Boy loved it, but Mama Daforcena threw a fit and I had to dye it back to something more acceptable.

I forgot what color was this, but it was a rather blonde light brown

After that fiasco, I decided (and due to the wide amounts of blondes in Aussieland) that I would go blonde, or rather, as close to blonde as brown would get.

Pictured here is the ever-beautiful and awesome Jiu Mu Daforcena. 

I think I maintained this color for about a good four months, taking me from my summer trip home to my trip to Sydney at the end of March.

It was a fleeting love, but I remembered how deeply I loved this color nonetheless.

As you can from previous posts, I decided to go purple, just because Da Boy left half a bottle of semi-permanent dye in my room and I decided to peruse said bottle.

I also learned to curl my hair!

To be very, very honest, I think that I have found my new favorite color, and it is the purple that I currently have. I feel energized whenever I see myself in the mirror.

Of course, I have not chosen to go purple to match hair colors with Da Boy, because that would be… weird. We just happen to like the same color, hehehe.

What is your favorite hair color? Do you go to salons or do it yourself?


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