Expand those Peepers: How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Fresher

This is not the normal Asian chick makes her eyes look crazily bigger using makeup tutorial.

This tutorial will teach you how to enhance your natural eye shape, making it look rounder and thus rounder and brighter. In fact, this tutorial is more in-line with Western makeup techniques.

It is a good look for you if you want to look fresh on a daily basis, for either work or school, that is effortless and makes you look ever-awake and happy-go-lucky, even if you are dead inside. 

See, even if Steven Carell is dead inside, his eyes are still shining. 
Color Used: Urban Decay Naked I Palette’s Virgin

1: Apply a champagne or shimmery beige color all over the mobile lid.

Color Used: Urban Decay Naked I Palette’s Darkhorse

2: Swirl a darker brown directly into the socket of the eye. Start at the part where your lower and upper lash lines meet then swirl the color inwards with circular motions.

Color Used: Urban Decay Naked Palette I’s Half Baked on MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot

3: Define the eyebrows, and apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes. If you feel like your eyelashes are a little droopy, please remember to curl them before you apply your mascara. Also, to make your lower lashes more defined, brush the mascara vertically, not horizontally as you would the upper lashes, because the lower lashes are shorter than the upper lashes, thus, a vertical application would better coat them.

To make the eyes “pop” even more, you can line the lower water-line with a flesh-colored eyeliner, or transfer-proof cream shadow, and top it off with a similar color. I went with a gold, just because I like the color but you can always use the same color you used in Step 1.

This is how the eyes look like from far. Can you see how round my eyes have become?
Color Used: Winky Lux Green Flower Balm

4: Since the eyes are the main focus, I would prefer to keep the lips simple. In this case, we want to make ourselves look fresh and awake, so I would recommend a soft pink. This particular pink looks this this in the tube:

It is transparent in the tube, but the color adapts to your skin’s chemistry into a pink that is totally yours

If you want, apply a soft blush of your choice and add a highlight to make your skin glow.

The full face

See, you can even see how this look works through thick glasses! Thus, with this look, you can greet the world with a brave face and a bright smile.

Go get them, tiger! RAWR!

What do you think about this look? How would you make your eyes look bigger? Tell me in the comments below!


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