Seize the opportunity! Review: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer & Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies Mascara

When I say “seize the opportunity”, in this blog, it usually means that if there is a sale, and whatever is on sale fits your fancy, then you should do your utmost to go for it. If there is a sale, and whatever is on sale makes you go “ehhhh…?”, go for it, because you don’t know what you might find.

When the pharmacy I haunted the most had a 50% sale for Maybelline products, I jumped at it. I also took the opportunity to sign up for its loyalty card, which gave me a AUD5 voucher for joining, so even before I started shopping, I already had a AUD5 discount, boo yeah!

Now, as you have might already known, I do not randomly buy makeup unless I needed something or if something was particularly cheap, so since the sale and my voucher made things rather affordable, I hazarded a little look.

Maybelline and I go way back. My first Maybelline product was an Eyestudio Quad that had a rose gold-ish color (I never knew what rose gold was back then), a champagne and a dark brown, followed by the Angelfit foundation (whew, that WAS a long time ago). I liked their face powders too, but what I really loved about Maybelline was their gel liner (review coming real soon!) and their mascaras. Oh, I have tried many, many mascaras from Maybelline in my time, and I’m sorry to say that I love them all. I even had one that could vibrate too, at one point.

Ok, enough rambling. Let’s get on with the reviews!

Let’s look at the concealer first, shall we?

My shade is Honey

I have heard many things about this concealer, but I have never tried it, simply because it was never sold in Malaysia when I was home, and when it did come to our shores, I didn’t really take notice of it.

I was actually more interested in the FitMe Concealer, but I was too confused about which shade suited me best that I decided to reach for the testers for the Instant Age Rewind concealers. The first one I tried was the jackpot, because it seemed to have completely hidden my dark circles.

Dazed and amazed, I took the last one on the display for myself and went on to look for another product that I could take home, since everything was half off, and I decided to give the Volum’Express The Falsies mascara a whirl, just because I love having a few mascaras hanging around to play with.

As you can see in the picture above, the Instant Age Rewind concealer has a little round puff that applies the product. You have to turn the red part of the container a few times to get the product into the puff, and then you can pop it onto your face.

Some people won’t like the puff thingy, due to hygiene reasons and whatnot. If that is your case, you can dot the concealer onto your clean finger, then dot it onto your face. You could also remove the puff, if you wish. I just use it as it is, because I’m the only one using this concealer, so I don’t mind.

Instant Age Rewind Concealer on my right eye (your left)

I like to apply my concealer in a rather upside down triangular manner, purely because my dark “circles” actually do resemble upside down triangles (see my left eye).

The concealer has a light texture. If you have used Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer before, the Instant Age Rewind concealer is about half as thick as the Nars one is, and is less pigmented. That might not be a bad thing at all though, because it seems to be easier to blend if it has a lighter consistency.

Just a quick blend and tadah! It totally disappeared!

I used a flat-top kabuki brush to blend the concealer away, and poof, all that remains is a brighter under-eye area. The only shadows that are there are the natural shadows that form on my face, and that, my friends, is very impressive in my book.

Instant Age Rewind Concealer on both under-eye areas

The light consistency of this concealer made it so easy to blend into the skin that it seems to just melt into nothingness! I am currently using MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer  and you would be able to see a line of demarcation wherever you applied it onto your face in photos, even if it appears to be well-blended in real life.

The Instant Age Rewind was also very comfortable to wear, and did not crease as I wore it throughout the day. I will talk more about wear time as we go along the post.

Now, let’s talk about mascara!

When in doubt, always go waterproof

I am not really sure if I have used this mascara before, but the Volum’Express line is pretty much consistent as a favorite of mine, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Oooo wow! I made a gif of myself!

Any mascara that makes me look as if I have falsies on is a winner for me. As It is evident from the gif above, I feel like this mascara performs pretty well indeed!

Let me tell you why: how a mascara applies is not only dependent on the formula, but also how the brush is shaped.

The mascara wand, side view

If you look at it from the side, this mascara wand looks like a normal mascara wand, no? Note that it has shorter, wider-spaced bristles, while the bristles themselves are clumped together. This will ensure that you will have greater volume because more product will coat your lashes.

The mascara on its flat side

If you turn the wand ever so slightly, you will now find out that this side is actually flat. This in turn increase the amount of bristles that will come into contact with your lashes, making them look longer.

So, I like to apply my first coat of mascara on the flat side first, to lengthen my lashes. Then, I flip it over to the curved side to give my lashes volume. If you are not a fan of spider-leg lashes, then I would exercise caution and not layer too much on, but I do like the look of it, just a tiny smidge than I should, so I just like to pile it on.

Now, how do these two wear? Like a dream, if I don’t say so myself!

Wearing Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream in Covet

This was me after everything was applied, ready to go out (just to the library to study, hahaha!), and the following picture will be me, seven hours (and a dinner) later.


As you can see, neither the mascara nor the concealer budged! IT IS A MIRACLE! The lipstick’s gone, but such is the manner of all lipsticks after I’ve eaten.

As an added bonus test, I quickly hopped into the shower to see if the mascara really was waterproof:

Oh dang, that’s not too bad!

Sadly, the lower lash line has a little smudge on both sides, but overall, it’s not too bad. This means you can afford to be caught in the rain with this mascara. All you need to do is give the lower lash line a little clean-up and you’re good to go!

Whew! I think I’ve been a little too chatty in this post! But I do hope that you enjoyed it. What are your favorites from Maybelline? Do tell me in the comments section below!


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